Crux Binaries

Crux-LLVM: Ubuntu Linux 64-bit

Crux-LLVM macOS 64-bit

Crux-MIR: Ubuntu Linux 64-bit

Crux-MIR macOS 64-bit

Crux binaries for Linux and macOS are available from the GitHub releases page. Binaries are distributed as .tar.gz or .zip files which you can extract to a location of your choice. We expect to include Windows binaries in an upcoming release.

GPG signatures are available for each release, and we encourage you to check the signature against our public key before installing to ensure the integrity of the release you downloaded.

Crux is also available on DockerHub and can be fetched using one of the following commands:

docker pull galoisinc/crux-llvm:0.4
docker pull galoisinc/crux-mir:0.4


Crux can make use of a variety of external SMT solvers, including Boolector, CVC4, Yices, and Z3. These solvers can be downloaded from their respective developers at the locations below.

  • Boolector from Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • CVC4 from New York University
  • Yices from SRI International
  • Z3 from Microsoft Research

Licensing Terms

Crux is freely available under the 3-clause BSD license.